This Father And Daughter Lips-To-Lips Kissing Photo Is Making Netizens UNCOMFORTABLE

Dad and daughter kisses lips…

A Hong Kong actor has been slammed by netizens after he posted photos with daughter to Chinese social network Weibo.

TVB actor Joseph Lee, 62, recently celebrated the birthday of his daughter Cherie at a restaurant in Macau with family and friends.

However, on Friday, photos of himself and his daughter kissing were promptly met by backlash from Weibo users.

Hundreds of netizens commented their disgust at the father-daughter affection. They were saying the old actor was “taking advantage” of Cherie, while another said “parents shouldn’t be this intimate with their children at this age, whether they’re sons or daughters”.

In reaction to this, Lee told Oriental Daily that Cherie initiated the kiss, and that he and his daughter have long “communicated” with each other this way:

When my daughter was about to blow the candle, she wanted a kiss, what could I do?… I told her (Cherie) that everyone has a different point of view and if they express negativity towards us, we have to maintain a positive attitude.

Meanwhile, on her own Weibo page, Cherie said:

I’m very disappointed. We merely wanted to share this beautiful moment with everyone and had no ill intention. We didn’t ask for anyone’s blessing but we also didn’t expect to be so reviled. […] What I see as an act of paternal love from a father to his daughter, you see as incest. I think it’s really ridiculous that a family kiss has been distorted by your words into something base and vulgar.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, this is our very own local version — dad Piolo Pascual and his son, Iñigo.