Mommy Dionisia Sells Expensive Jewelry And Bags Collection To Help BAKWITS Of Marawi

Mommy Dionisia to bakwits: It’s better to sell and help other people

Dionisia Pacquiao, the housewife-turned-celebrity mother of Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao, has sold a couple of her jewelries and precious signature bags in an effort to raise funds for Marawi victims or bakwits.

Local reports said Mommy Dionisia was able to sell her expensive bags to rich women in Sarangani, raising at least P1.3 million from the sale of her collections.

Meanwhile, Mommy D’s jewelries that include 3 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 5 watches and a couple of rings and earrings worth an estimated 3 million pesos – were bought by a lone buyer from Davao City.

Most of her bag collections were given by her son Manny as pasalubong whenever the Pambansang Kamao returns to the country from his trips abroad.

When asked why she sold her precious belongings for the people of Marawi, Mommy Dionisia said she is already old and have no time to use the bags and jewelries, so it’s better to sell and help other people.

Also, she added that there will be no one to inherit the precious collection since her daughter Isidra is not interested to own the collection.

FYI, Mommy Dionisia has been endorsing a few products making her earn millions in commercials. She’s even one of the top taxpayer, giving back more than P1M of tax money to the government every year.