BREAKING! Suspect In Samal Beauty Pageant Contestant Rape-Slay Case, Shot DEAD By Cops!

Brigada News Davao reports suspect in Samal beauty pageant contestant rape-slay case, dead!

In a news scoop by Brigada News Davao, Samal Island rape-slay case suspect Elvin Juna was shot dead by the police after he attempted to steal a gun from one of his guards on Monday morning, July 24.

In a statement by Police Superintendent Noel Asumen, chief of IGACOS Police, they were about to transport Juna to the hospital because of his repeated stomachache complaint when all of a sudden, he jumped on one of his guards and quickly snatched a service gun. Shots were fired and the suspect dropped lethally wounded.

In a report by Pinoy Trending news blog, cops decided to shoot Juna because the suspect endangered the lives of the police officers during the incident. It was reported that the suspect freed himself from the handcuffs using a wire.

Cops were able to rush the suspect to the hospital, but the doctors failed to revive Juna who sustained a gunshot wound on his head.

Last Thursday, authorities found the lifeless body of Kimberly Autida at a secluded grassy and muddy portion of Barangay Adecor, Kaputian District, Samal.

According to the investigation, Autida died due to internal bleeding after she was hit hard on her abdomen by the suspect:

Internal bleeding, parang nabasag ‘yung atay ng bata [Autida]. Kaya nung nag-autopsy kahapon, nakausap ko ‘yung doctor pagbukas ng katawan …, doon naglabasan, nagkalapot lapot ‘yung dugo niya.

The medical report also proved that the beauty contestant was raped.

Moreover, Juna’s jacket was found in the crime scene that led to his arrest.

The suspect, a known drug user in his area and former Oplan Tokhang surrenderee admitted that he raped and killed Kimberly Autida which he claimed as his childhood friend. In a local report, Samal Mayor David Uy said that the suspect tried to court Autida, but she rejected him which lead to this grim ending.

Now, everyone is waiting for what the Commission on Human Rights has to say about the well-deserved fate of this self-confessed rape-slay suspect.