This Woman Stole 5000 Babies From Poor Mothers For This Very SELFISH Reason!

Tennessee Children’s Home Society and Georgia Tann story

This middle-aged woman with rimless glasses, an unremarkable haircut and suitable dress sense is named Georgia Tan from Tennessee USA.

Georgia Tann is an evil mastermind who stole babies – thousands of babies – from the poor and gave them to the rich.

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For some reason, thousands of her women victims gave their babies to Georgia Tann who pretended to be nice and charitable. She faked being a nice responsible woman who promised some support for their kids.

Georgia Tann organised a black market of babies. Between 1924 and 1950, Tann was the head of a fake charity organisation called the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. In 26 years, it’s estimated that over 5,000 children were stolen by Tann from poor mothers and more than 500 died of disease, poor care and alleged abuse.

According to one victim mother, she went into labor, she was drugged, encouraged to sign a document which she believed would allow Georgia Tann the temporary care of her baby. Little did she know that she had instead signed her baby away to the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. The next day, she never saw her baby again..

She was just told that her baby boy had died during childbirth. However, it was actually a baby girl, and that baby was sold in an illegal adoption to a rich couple by, none other than, Georgia Tann.

Georgia Tann’s crime went on until the year 1950. In 1950, investigations started digging on the operations of Tann’s heartless business. Three days before the investigators could deliver their findings into her illegal business, Tann died of cancer. She was a 59-year-old.

georgia tann story tennessee children's home society