Senator Villar Seeks Ban On Unli-Rice Promos For Health, Economic Reasons!

In a Committee on Agriculture hearing, Senator Cynthia Villar urges the public to eat more vegetables and shun the idea of unli-rice in fast food restaurants.

According to the senator, downplaying the idea of unli-rice will definitely help to have a healthy body and also to counter rice shortage in the country.

This was one of her message on her privilege speech during a Committee on Agriculture hearing for the government’s proposed policy to import rice to the country to solve rice shortage problems.

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Senator Villar explained that aside from health hazards of eating too much rice (diabetes is one), studies have also shown that there is an estimated P23M-worth of rice that are being wasted every day in the Philippines. Villar chairs the Committee on Agriculture.

Moreover, during the Senate hearing, Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol discussed the agency’s target to make the Philippines rice-sufficient come year 2020.